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June 2024

Opening Reception 
Femme Shui Juried Art Exhibition

Dates of Exhibition: June 1st 2024 - June 23rd 2024


+ 15+ Amazing Feng Shui Artworks on Display

+ Fine art acrylic paintings, mixed media, pottery

+ Free & Open to the Public

+ Harmony, balance, serenity, peace, nature, energized, wealth, health, prosperity. 


In Western culture, Feng Shui is known most commonly in interior design. As artists, who would love to have our artwork grace the homes and offices of buyers, this concept certainly takes flight. 

There is more to Feng Shui than interior design! 


“Feng Shui, sometimes called Chinese geomancy, is a traditional practice that originated in Ancient China and claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui means, literally, ‘wind-water’ (i.e., fluid). From ancient times, landscapes and bodies of water were thought to direct the flow of the universal Qi – ‘cosmic current’ or energy – through places and structures.” 


Artwork for this show embodies:

Nature, Mandalas, Mantras, Divination, Serenity, Fluidity, Wind, Water, Breath, Flow, Peace, Landscapes, Harmony, Spirituality, Spirit, Soul, Qi or Chi, Ethereal, Meridians, Astronomy, Healing,  Balance, Yin Yang, Divinity, Health Wealth & Prosperity.


We personally love the idea of artwork making both an aesthetic AND energetic difference in a person’s home or office.

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