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The Empowered Woman Juried Art Exhibition Artists

October 7th 2023 - December 7th 2023 

Artemiss Art Gallery & Event Venue Tucson AZ is proud to and honored to partner with incredible artists from the local Tucson area and state-wide Arizona for The Empowered Woman Juried Art Exhibition. Without their artwork filling our walls and spaces, we wouldn’t be the well-renowned gallery we are today. Check out some of our featured artists below and get in touch with us for information and to inquire about their pieces for sale. All Sales are Final. ***Please use our email for artwork inquiry and / or purchase -


We are currently not shipping artwork. All artwork remains in the gallery until the end of the exhibition and it must be picked up in-person following the end of the exhibition on December 7th 2023. 

***Click on Image to View Full Artwork***

angela murphy down the rabbit hole.jpg

Angela Murphy

Down the Rabbit Hole |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  12 x 12 inches

$300 - $400 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Artist, Advocate, and Community Transformer. Her art embodies unity, resilience, and self-love. She co-founded Tucson Community Impact Team (TCIT), aiding the homeless. Angela's art also supports her community, and she invites you to join her in practicing community through art's transformative power.

nyx penn from the shadows.jpg

Nyx Penn

From the Shadows |  Watercolor, Mixed Media, Black Light Activated  |  27 x 32 inches 

$550 - $750 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Nyx loved drawing with her mom, but when she was eight years old, a few weeks before Christmas, her mom committed suicide. That was the day her whole world changed. Everyone treated her differently, no one knew what to say, and many ostracized her. Drawing became her escape.


In her twenties, married with two small children, she was struck with a devastating disability, a constant migraine. This was the second time her world completely fell apart. While she was trying to raise her family, she was dealing with constant pain, memory loss, and many other obstacles.


When her children went to college they took her with them. Her and her daughter went to Community College, where she obtained an Associates' degree in art. She and her son went to the University of Arizona, where she got her Bachelor's degree. She now considers Tucson home and art has become her life.

adriana prado_Cholitality.jpg

Adriana Prado

Cholitality |  Acrylic on Canvas |  12 x 16 inches

$300 - $600 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Adriana Prado was born and raised in Bolivia, proudly calling Arizona her home since 2004. She has cherished art since her childhood but embarked on her creative journey just a decade ago, engaging in the exploration of diverse artistic mediums and techniques, including oils, acrylics, encaustic wax, textiles, oil pastels, and mixed media.


Her eclectic range of interests and subject matter mirrors her multifaceted personality, gravitating towards botanicals, the esoteric, and the profound reinterpretation of various themes deeply influenced by her rich cultural heritage. Through her art, she aspires to kindle inspiration in others and cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the kaleidoscope of cultures that enrich our global tapestry.

crystal quintero mi virgencita.jpeg

Crystal Quintero

Mi Virgencita |  Acrylic on Canvas |  24 x 76 inches


My name is Crystal Quintero born, and raised in Tucson Arizona. I am a self taught artist. I enjoy working with acrylic paint, spray paint, along with my favorite painting knife. My work is mostly abstract I let my intuition and feelings guide me. I believe in the beauty of letting go and it comes through my work. Painting is my therapy each color is one of my traumas thus my work is very colorful.

katie reynolds i am the master of my universe.jpg

Katie Reynolds

I am The Master of my Universe |  Mixed Media  |  24 x 36 inches

$775 - $1200 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

I paint a world of fascination to the eye with bold colors, to create magic, peace, harmony In curiosity. I live in a parallel world, which enhances my intuition, and allows me to express a wide range of feelings. My work elicits a sense of sensuality, spirituality, and humor. My Art brings enchantment and curiosity to the present. Painting for me is a metaphysical question. As an artist I tried to bring joy,love, and curiosity to the world.


Carrie Mae Rose

Garments of the Goddesses: Pearl Breastplate of Athena |  TSA Confiscated Construction Scissors, wire and pearl  24 x 20 inches |  $2500 - $5000 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Carrie Mae Rose is an American fine artist, known primarily for her sculpture, fabric painting, print, and performance work. Rose's work is meant to expose, protect and decorate the female body while exploring the tensions between vulnerability and violence, purity and power, and reverence and revenge. Rose's art illuminates and deconstructs the domination and corruption that currently permeates US politics and mass media. Rose's work seeks to create a new culture of feminine wisdom where each person feels safe to feel beautiful.


Carrie Mae Rose has participated in events with Brooklyn Museum, Eyebeam, Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Fund, NY Hall of Science, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, IgniteNYC, Princeton and Parsons. She has exhibited work in numerous galleries and museums nationally and internationally. Rose holds a B.A. from Prescott College and an M.F.A. in Design & Technology from Parsons the New School for Design.

Rebecca Sobin_Love Like Sunshine.jpg

Rebecca Sobin

Love Like Sunshine |  oil, cold wax, and pastel on panel  |  20 x 30 x 2 inches

$1500 - $1800 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Rebecca Sobin is a contemporary abstract artist dividing her time between the Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran Desert. Self-describing as both an artist and science geek she considers these two aspects of her life a cross-pollination, perfectly balancing each other. Painting since the 1980s, Sobin initially worked in a representational style using watercolor. Over time the journey into abstraction evolved into the contemporary work she embraces today.


Working in oil and cold wax, handmade mineral paints, and oil pastels allows for a powerful expression in her abstract-emotive work. Sobin's work is in private collections from coast-to-coast. Currently, she is represented by multiple galleries across the western states.


Amber Vanhatala Stene

Embedded |  Watercolor |  19.5 x 26.5 inches


I completed my MFA at Wichita State University in 2008 after a full career as a graphic design professional. I’ve held exhibitions in Tucson & Scottsdale, Seattle & Portland, Kansas City & Wichita, and I’ve been a guest artist at Kim Weinberger Fine Art in Kansas City. Since grad school, I taught graphic design at Northern Arizona University, foundation art at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, and watercolor at Portland Community College and Multnomah Arts Center. I’m a full-time studio artist recently relocated to Tucson. My works center on botanical and figurative subjects immersed in abstract environments.

josephine thomason vesta.jpg

Josephine Thomason

Vesta |  Acrylic on Canvas |  16 x 20 inches

$500 - $2000 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Painting is my way of communicating through visual language. It allows me to express ideas that come through focus observation and meditation. I use painting as a way to honor and understand what I am focused on. These paintings are my meditation on the asteroid goddesses, they are an offering made through art.


Liz Vaughn

Sentire |  oil on birch  |  20 x 20 inches

$525 - $995 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

I find inspiration in abstraction, expressionism and the poetry or juxtaposition of words. One word can influence the viewer dramatically, and create a complex narrative within the painting, which I find endlessly fascinating. I love combining these elements in figurative art, centering them around the female figure. Whether depicting strength and resilience, or a lyrical moment that is fashion driven, the divine feminine seems to always be the cornerstone of my process. True joy for me is painting and the ability to express my vision without limitation.

Elizabeth Wittke_Sarah.jpg

Elizabeth Wittke

Sarah |  Oil Painting  |  20 x 24 inches


My art is an exploration of the ways that women sometimes shatter themselves in trying to be everything to everyone, and thus nothing to themselves. I usually create large scale figurative oil paintings that are fairly representational but include decontextualized images of women, objects, and some nature elements. The women are often posed, usually dressed in a timeless, classical way. Often, they seem uncomfortable. I hope that by bringing some of those different pieces or roles to the forefront, that it demonstrates this tension bound up in womanhood— how can all the different parts of oneself exist simultaneously with any kind of coherence?

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