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The Empowered Woman Juried Art Exhibition Artists

October 7th 2023 - December 7th 2023 

Artemiss Art Gallery & Event Venue Tucson AZ is proud to and honored to partner with incredible artists from the local Tucson area and state-wide Arizona for The Empowered Woman Juried Art Exhibition. Without their artwork filling our walls and spaces, we wouldn’t be the well-renowned gallery we are today. Check out some of our featured artists below and get in touch with us for information and to inquire about their pieces for sale. All Sales are Final. ***Please use our email for artwork inquiry and / or purchase -


We are currently not shipping artwork. All artwork remains in the gallery until the end of the exhibition and it must be picked up in-person following the end of the exhibition on December 7th 2023. 

***Click on Image to View Full Artwork***

miranda wolff justice.png

Míranda Wolff

XI-Justice: Boudicca |  Digital, Mixed Media |  approx. 25 x 40 inches (larger with frame)

$1000 - $3000 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Hailing from Tucson, I am Paintomancer, an artist with a creative journey spanning 15 years. As a woman artist, I’ve embraced various mediums to weave my artistic tales, from the ethereal realms of digital art-to the gritty textures of charcoal.


My current pursuit exemplifies my passion for history and symbolism. I’ve embarked on a captivating series, breathing life into lesser-known women rulers. Each historical portrait I craft pays homage to their stories and the universe of tarot. Aligning their narratives with the complex meanings of the major arcana, I bring a fusion of history and mysticism.


With each piece, I aspire to shed light on the hidden stories of these remarkable women and forge connections to the intricate tapestry of tarot. I invite you to join me on a journey through time and symbolism, where history and magic intertwine.


Thank you for being part of my artistic odyssey.




wollman_nan_saw a star 2.jpg

Nan Wollman

Saw a Star 2 |  steel, raku fired clay sculpture  |  20 x 21 x 6 inches  


Ms. Wollman has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia College of Art and a Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture from The University of Texas at San Antonio. She has exhibited and won honors for her work in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. She has been a teacher and a preparator at numerous locations. She is a member of the International Sculpture Center. Currently she teaches at Romero House Pottery in Tucson.


Chelsey Yaffa

Emerge |  Acrylic Paint on Canvas |  12 x 16 inches

$300 - $600 (Sliding Scale Pricing)

Chelsey Yaffa is an Oro Valley-based, Montana-raised acrylic painter who finds inspiration from the natural world, human life and the emotions that come from navigating those worlds. She graduated from the University of Montana in 2013 with a degree in Fine Arts and has enjoyed painting as a hobby since then. Working as a barista, then deciding to stay home with her two young children, Yaffa is eager to start a renewed path as an artist and bring the joy of nature, humanity, and color to others.

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